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FIC: Confusion

Title: Frustration (Part Two of the Teal'c 101 series)
Author: Jalabert
Category: Teal'c/Bratac, Teal'c/Other, Sam/Janet, Daniel/Other implied.
Rating: PG
Summary: "...A band cemented by friendship grounded upon love is never to be broken..." --Plutarch

"Sexual orientation will not be a bar to service unless manifested by homosexual conduct. The military will discharge members who engage in homosexual conduct, which is defined as a homosexual act, a statement that the member is homosexual or bisexual, or a marriage or attempted marriage to someone of the same gender." *

I read these words and stare at them in confusion. Daniel Jackson placed a copy of the Pentagon's policy on the table before me and recited the words from memory even as he turned to the page upon which they were printed. I look at him in confusion as he walks away.

My question was perhaps ingenuous, but I did not mean to offend Daniel Jackson or any of the others in the control room. They all looked upon me strangely. O'Neill nearly choked on his coffee. Major Davis stared open-mouthed, unable to form a reply. Sergeant Harriman also gaped at me. Daniel Jackson shifted uncomfortably and when I began to ask another question, he abruptly rose and bade me to follow. Now I sit alone in his office, confused.

It was Daniel Jackson himself who told me of the Sacred Band of Thebes. He told me of the power and might of the Greek armies and read to me from the works of Plutarch. I told him that young Jaffa were also apprenticed as pederastic lovers to seasoned veterans; he strongly discouraged me from repeating that information. Now I understand why. But I do not understand why yet again the Tau'ri ignore the lessons of their own history.

Bra'tac taught me how to be both lover and warrior. I find no shame in that; the bonds we made then exist to this day, even as he has taken on new apprentices. I have trained many young warriors in this same way. We both know the value of the bonds we all share. I hold Master Bra'tac's life as sacred as my own and have proved it time and again. I cannot understand why the Tau'ri believe that encouraging such bonds between their warriors would compromise them in battle.

Among the Jaffa the practice of apprenticeship is a long-established tradition. While it is uncommon for a Jaffa who did not serve in the armies of the Goa'uld to take a another man as his lover, such a practice would not be looked upon negatively by my people. Here on Earth, the Tau'ri commingle among their own sex willingly, male and female, solely for pleasure. This is viewed negatively by many of their people. Their religious beliefs decry it as a sin against their god. I do not understand this. The Tau'ri need not fear genocide by the Goa'uld. Unlike the Jaffa, Tau'ri mothers do no fear for their sons, or that they will be enslaved to work the mines. But that is not what confuses me most.

I do not understand why anyone would oppose Major Carter's involvement with Dr. Fraiser. The bond they share poses no threat or harm to anyone. Rather, it would seem that the Tau'ri's laws are harmful. And I don't understand Daniel Jackson's bitterness as he recited the policy. He is not of the American military.

But perhaps he loves someone who is.

* Excerpted from "The Pentagon's New Policy Guidelines on Homosexuals in the Military"
Tags: confusion, stargate: sg-1, teal'c, teal'c 101

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