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FIC: Nothing But Time

Title: Nothing But Time
Author: Jalabert
Fandom: CSI:NY
Rating: R
Pairing: Sheldon Hawkes/Danny Messer
Category: First time, episode tag
Season/Episode: Third
Spoilers: Raising Shane
Summary: After Sheldon's release from jail, he finds the courage to resolve some unfinished business with Danny.

For deani_bean, the Muse Who Must Be Obeyed. ;)

Sheldon smiled weakly when he saw Stella waiting for him at the exit. She enveloped him in a warm hug that spoke volumes about his ordeal and her frustration, so no words were necessary as she took him by the arm and led him to her car. Wanting nothing more than to go home to sleep in his own bed, Sheldon rejected her offer of food. But not wishing to reject his dear friend, he suggested that they have a cup of coffee instead. Stella took him to a cafe a short distance from the Manhattan Detention Center, Sheldon's home for the last forty-eight hours. He didn't want to talk, and Stella didn't try to force him, content to observe him as he nursed a cup of coffee. After about ten minutes, she smiled and leaned forward, reaching out to caress his cheek.

"Let's get you home," she said. Sheldon smiled gratefully and rose to his feet. They rode uptown in companionable silence, Stella surreptitiously assessing him as he stared out the window. They reached his place, carefully skirting the scene of the murder and the block where he'd been arrested. She pulled her car over to the curb and got out as Sheldon emerged from the passenger side. For a moment, Sheldon feared that she'd want to see him up to his apartment, but she merely pulled him into a fierce hug. Her veneer finally cracked and Stella's eyes welled up with tears. Sheldon smiled sadly as one escaped and trickled down her cheek. He wiped it away and kissed the spot before he said good night and entered his building.

Fingering his keys, he stepped out of the elevator on the eleventh floor and looked up to see Danny Messer pacing back and forth in front of his door. Sheldon sighed, realizing that his longed-for solitude was going to elude him a bit longer, but when Danny turned and spotted him, Sheldon smiled. He was more than willing to relinquish a few more moments of freedom for his friend. The smile became warmer as he drew closer to the door.

"How ya doin'?" Danny asked with feigned nonchalance. But his body betrayed his exhaustion and his slightly sheepish expression told Sheldon that Danny wasn't sure of his welcome. He reached out and patted Danny's arm, then unlocked the door and stepped back to allow him entrance. Once inside, Sheldon pulled off his coat and threw it onto the nearest chair. He went straight over to his window and stared out at the view. After a few minutes, he sighed deeply and, suddenly remembering that he wasn't alone, spun around to face Danny, who was eying him worriedly.

"You all right, man?"

"No," Sheldon answered bluntly.

Danny closed the distance and pulled him into his arms, holding him tightly. Sheldon felt all the tension in his body drain away, along with days of pent-up anger and frustration. He closed his eyes and basked in the warmth of Danny's body, wishing that he'd never have to let go. But Danny suddenly sighed, and Sheldon clearly heard the suppressed sob. He drew back slightly to look Danny in the eye.

"What?” Danny said defensively. “I'm not all right, either, okay? I'm man enough to admit it." Sheldon smiled and resumed the hug, stifling his reaction when Danny briefly nuzzled his throat. As if realizing that he'd overstepped his bounds, Danny retreated, awkwardly pulling out of the hug.

"How about a beer?" Sheldon suggested, taking his own stab at nonchalance and pulling it off far better than Danny had earlier. He went into the kitchen; Danny followed him and watched as Sheldon pulled two beers out of the fridge and opened them. Turning around, Sheldon leaned against the counter and handed one to Danny.

"Thanks," he said before taking a sip. Sheldon did the same, his eyes focused on Danny's face. Danny recognized that expression; he'd seen it often enough in the lab or in the morgue when Sheldon was searching for something. Danny suppressed the urge to squirm when he realized that he'd become the object of Sheldon's intense scrutiny. "So," he said, eager to deflect attention away from himself. "You spent two days in the Tombs with the scum of the Earth and--."

"I don't want to talk about it," Sheldon said curtly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--."

"Drink your beer, Danny," Sheldon said gently. He took another sip from his own bottle and set it down.

"Right. Shutting up now." Danny took a gulp of his beer. He looked around the small space, desperate for a safe topic of conversation. "You decorate, too?" he quipped. "Marcus Welby, Sherlock Holmes and Martha Stewart all rolled into one. That's you, Doc." He hazarded a glance at Sheldon and saw that he was still being studied. A tiny smile on Sheldon's face unnerved him and Danny lifted the bottle again and drained it.

He started to set the empty bottle down when Sheldon reached out and took it from his hand. Danny flinched slightly when he reached up and removed his glasses, carefully folded them and set them beside the bottle on the counter. Sheldon folded his arms and continued to stare at him. Danny tried to mimic the gesture, but when he leaned against the counter opposite Sheldon, he was abruptly grabbed by the shirt and drawn forward.

"What?" he blurted out seconds before Sheldon kissed him. It was a rather tentative kiss and when Sheldon drew back, Danny took action. "Uh, uh, Doc," he said as he grabbed Sheldon's arms and pulled him back. "The party hasn't even started yet and you're already leaving?"

A tiny voice in his head chastised him for that remark. He hadn't meant to be so flip, nor had he meant to force the issue. Danny had fully intended to allow Sheldon to dictate the pace, if and when they ever got around to it. But they'd spent what felt like an eternity dancing on the edge of something so palpable that Don Flack--God-fearing Catholic boy Don Flack--had pulled him aside at a crime scene just three days earlier and said, "Why don't you just kiss him, already?" Flack was right--Danny had spent two years waiting for Sheldon to climb aboard the clue bus and now that he had Sheldon right where he wanted him, Danny wasn't about to let him escape. Sheldon wasn't complaining about being entangled in Danny's arms or the cheesy line, so as far as Danny was concerned, all was good.

Of course, Sheldon was in no position to complain about anything. His mouth, hands and all of his senses were fully occupied. That first, tantalizing taste of Danny had finally broken the dam and Sheldon eagerly dove into the cascading waters. This was a first for him, kissing a man, and he initially approached it with his usual clinical detachment, mentally observing and cataloging each sensation. But the scientist in him quickly lost his focus and Sheldon's inner hedonist urgently shoved aside reason as he pulled Danny's shirt out of his pants and let his hands burrow under the smooth cotton to explore bare skin.

Danny had never spent so much time kissing a man...or a woman, for that matter. He was usually too impatient to waste time with the opening act and moved right on to the main event. But this was different. This was Sheldon Hawkes and Danny reined in his eagerness to let him have his way. He was soon glad of it; he'd never imagined that kissing could be so hot, an activity unto itself rather than a pleasant means to a more gratifying end. He wanted to laugh at the notion of him and Sheldon making out like a couple of school kids but that would mean he'd have to stop kissing and Danny decided that things like laughter, breathing and the crick that was quickly forming in his neck were unimportant. So he growled softly when Sheldon broke the kiss, but his disappointment disappeared when Sheldon turned his attention to Danny's ear. How he knew about Danny's favorite above-the-neck erogenous zone Danny would never know, but he didn't care. He threw his head back to give Sheldon room to work his magic. When he felt Sheldon thrust his hips against his own, he couldn't help but cry out.

"Now we're finally gettin' somewhere!" he said as his eyes rolled back and his lids fluttered shut. Sheldon glanced up at him amusedly.

"You in some sort of rush?" he asked.

"Me? No. I got nowhere to be," Danny replied.

"Me, either," Sheldon replied. "Let's make the most of that." He kissed Danny again, before taking hold of his hand and leading him to the bedroom. He allowed Danny to undress him and climbed into bed, somewhat nervous and yet eager to experience what lay ahead. Danny quickly put him at ease.

"NASA didn't try for the moon the first time it launched a rocket," he said puckishly. "I know you're new at this, Doc, so let's not get too ambitious here. Time's on our side, you know?"

"You've got to work on your bedside manner," Sheldon replied laughingly.

"You can teach me all about bedside manner, Doc," Danny said, leaning in to kiss him. "Later."

"Later," Sheldon murmured into Danny's mouth.

They kissed a bit more before Danny introduced him to a whole new realm of sensual experience. He lavished attention on every inch of Sheldon's writhing body, ignoring his own need until Sheldon mustered up the courage to reciprocate. They collapsed in a tangle of sweaty limbs and sheets. Danny reluctantly rose to fetch something to clean the two of them off. When he returned from the bathroom with a damp washcloth, Sheldon was fast asleep. He gently wiped away the evidence of their lovemaking and pulled the covers over him before returning to the bathroom to discard the cloth. Danny turned off the lamp and slid into bed beside the sleeping man.

"You sleep, Sheldon," Danny whispered as he pulled him into his arms. "We got nothing but time."

The End
Tags: nothing but time

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