jalabert (jalabert) wrote,

FIC: Rain

Title: Rain
Series: Elements
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Ford/Sheppard/McKay
Category: First time
Summary: Dangerous when wet

Aiden watched in horror as the ground crumbled beneath their feet and first Teyla and then Rodney went tumbling over the edge of the narrow rock ledge and into the ravine below. Aiden and John only had time to exchange a horrified glance before John joined them. He tumbled head over heels for about ten feet then slid another ten down the muddy embankment, cursing a blue streak till he ended up at Rodney's feet. Aiden, meanwhile, had the foresight to leap backwards and grab hold of the trunk of a large well-rooted tree. Steadying himself, he unclipped a length of rope from his vest, wrapped it around the tree and attached himself before activating his com link.

"Are you guys all right?" he asked worriedly.

"We're just fine, lieutenant," John said evenly. "A little battered and bruised, but okay."

"There's no way I can get down to you in this," Aiden reported as the sound of thunder pierced the air. "If I try to get down there and fall, none of us will be getting out of there for some time."

"Nope," John agreed. He looked around to see if there was another way out, but his visibility was severely limited by the downpour. "We're going to just have to gut it out," he said stoically.

"Stay put; I'll get you out of there as soon as the storm lets up," Aiden replied. "Ford out."

"Stay put? Smartass," Rodney muttered as he dug a clot of mud out of his ear and shook out his hand. "Where does he think we're going to go? The mudslide rollercoaster-cum-mud bath was so much fun I wonder if this planet has a waterfall we can try next?"

"Ease up on the lieutenant, Rodney," John replied as he examined the cut on Teyla's forehead. "He's the one who's going to have to get us all back up there."

"Swell," Rodney said. And feeling perverse, wet, and muddier than he thought humanly possible, he sat down to wait. Teyla and John huddled together in the rain to wait it out.

Up above, Aiden hunkered down at the base of the tree to wait out the storm. The torrential rains had come almost without warning, developing in the skies over the tiny planet far faster than anyone would have thought possible. They were fortunate to be on high ground when it began. The lowland quickly disappeared under the cascade of water that cascaded down the hill. John led the team to higher ground as they ran toward the gate. But, as it turned out, the upper ridge was not safe. It began to crumble, taking three of the four team members down the hill to the rapidly rising flood basin below.

Ten minutes later, the rains ceased and the sun returned. Aiden hailed the others and tossed the rope over the side of the ravine. Teyla was the first one to climb up and he paused to help her treat her wounds while John and Rodney waited impatiently. Finally, he turned his attention back to the rope and the two men were able to make the climb back to the ledge. They cautiously continued their journey and eventually made their way back to the gate.


"What on Earth happened to you?" Elizabeth asked when she saw John and Rodney's muddy glares.

"Mudslide," was John's terse reply.

"A big one," Rodney concurred. They strode away without another word and she watched them go with a mixture of compassion and amusement.

"I must go and change," Teyla announced. She pressed her gun and backpack into Aiden's hands and followed her teammates. Aiden sighed and handed her equipment off to a waiting technician before unlatching and handing over his own.


Aiden turned around.


"You're not muddy."

"No, ma'am. When I saw the ground beginning to give I jumped back and lashed myself to a tree. That way I was able to hang out till the worst of it was over. Then I pulled the others out of the ravine."

"Good work, lieutenant," Elizabeth said.

"Thank you, ma'am."

A half hour later, John, Rodney and Teyla met up in the corridor on the way to the conference room. John's damp hair was amusingly disheveled. Teyla's hair was also damp and she shrugged into her jacket as she bemoaned the fact that she wanted to stay in the tub.

"I agree," Rodney said. "I'm sure there's still mud in my pores."

"I intend to take another bath as soon as the briefing is over," Teyla said before she nearly collided with John, who'd abruptly stopped at the entrance to the conference room. Inside, Aiden was talking with Elizabeth, having arrived early. Unlike the others, he had no immediate need of a shower.

"Dr. McKay can give you the specifics," Aiden was saying, "but he essentially concluded was that there wasn't anything there that might be of use to us."

"If I'd known I wasn't needed for the debriefing I would have stayed in the shower," John said as he entered the room and stood behind his usual seat.

"I might have washed both sides," Rodney quipped.

"Sit down, all of you," Elizabeth said with a smile. "The lieutenant gave me his version of the events; I'd like to hear yours."

"They're the same as his, only muddier," John said.

"Much muddier," Teyla said.

"You have no idea how much muddier," Rodney said, glaring at Aiden.

"You guys are looking at me as though I'm responsible for what happened out there," he complained.

"We don't hold you responsible, Ford," John said sweetly. "We just resent the fact that you're the only one who didn't get thrown down a hill and have to spend twenty minutes ass-deep in mud."

"I resent the fact that you're the only one who had a poncho," Rodney said. "Why didn't I have a poncho?"

"You have one," Aiden replied. "They're standard issue. It's your own fault if you didn't pack it."

"I packed mine," Teyla said.

"Me, too," John said. "Of course, you and I were too busy trying not to drown in mud to put them on."

"I put mine on as soon as it began to rain," Aiden said helplessly.

"Got that, major? Next time, put on the poncho before you fall into the mud," Rodney said.

"I think you're all being very hard on the lieutenant," Elizabeth said reproachfully. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to hear your reports. When you're done you can continue sulking--elsewhere."


"The kid's got to pay," John said as he left the conference room.

"He should be made to suffer," Rodney agreed.

"Dr. Weir was correct," Teyla said, recalling Elizabeth's several admonitions to John and Rodney during the meeting. "It is not the lieutenant's fault that we fell into that ravine." Rodney and John exchanged a glance. Teyla smiled and walked on. They waited till she was out of earshot.

"So how will we get our revenge?" John continued.

"I don't know, but two clever guys like us ought to be able to come up with something fairly diabolical," Rodney said.

"Oh, it needn't be diabolical, or fair, for that matter--just messy," John said with a mischievous grin. "Say, did you really only wash one side?"

"Why; would you care to wash my backside?"

"I bet you missed a spot or two on the front as well," John said, giving his friend and occasional lover a head to toe glance.

"Well, there are a few spots I'd like you to check," Rodney said with a gesture of his head toward his rooms. "And when you're done with your inspection and we're both squeaky clean again, we can discuss ways of getting the lieutenant dirty."

"Very dirty."

"Filthy," Rodney said as he reached his door.


John and Rodney bided their time for nearly two weeks before exacting their revenge. The day began innocently enough. John volunteered to make a supply run to the Athosian village and asked Aiden if he was up for a ride, knowing that the lieutenant wouldn't refuse the invitation. On their way to the puddle jumper, they ran into Rodney. John asked if he was interested in a trip to the mainland and Rodney readily agreed to the outing. Aiden was immediately suspicious, but John managed to distract him by initiating a discussion on the favorable attributes of Athosian women.

"Wait," Aiden said after a few minutes. "I thought you two were--." He abruptly shut his mouth and averted his eyes.

"You thought we two were what?" John demanded with a glance back at Rodney.

"Nothing, sir."

"Nothing, my ass, lieutenant! Spill."

"Maybe you ought to drop the 'lieutenant,' John," Rodney said gently, suspecting what Aiden was about. Sure enough, Aiden glanced back at him.

"You thought what, Aiden?" John asked more gently.

"Off the record, sir?"

"Drop the 'sir.' It's just the three of us here," John commanded. They were interrupted by a transmission from base. "And that," John groused. He answered the message and then shut it off. "You were saying?"

"Well... I thought... I mean--."

"Out with it, already!"

"I thought you two were an item," Aiden said softly. "Sorry."

"There's no need to apologize," John replied easily. "We are an item."

"I wouldn't exactly call us an item, John," Rodney said. "We just occasionally get--."

"I'm sure Ford's not interested in the details," John snapped. "What's your point?" he asked Aiden.

"No point; I was just wondering why you were going on about Athosian women," Aiden said.

"I like Athosian women," John said with a smile. "I like all kinds of women; I just happen to like men, too."

"John's ...versatile," Rodney suggested.

"I've never heard it put quite that way, but yes, I suppose I am," John replied. Aiden frowned, appeared to consider this revelation for a moment and then sat back, seemingly having reached a decision, though neither John nor Rodney could figure out what it was.

"So am I," Aiden said simply. John and Rodney exchanged a glance.

"You learn something new every day," Rodney said, fascinated. John nodded and tried to focus on the controls as he took in the information. Not another word was spoken before the Jumper landed at the village.


John delivered the supplies he'd brought to the village and loaded the Jumper with the things he was asked to bring back, including bushels of grain, fruit and the Atlantean equivalent of potatoes. While John was otherwise engaged, Aiden visited several of the people he'd befriended among the Athosians. He also stopped to pay his respects to several of Teyla's friends and was given things to bring back for her. Aiden assumed that John and Rodney were together, but when he met up with John at the jumper, he asked Aiden if he'd seen Rodney.

"I haven't seen him since we landed," Aiden replied. "I assumed he was with you."

"Well, that's strange," John replied. "I thought he was with you." The two men exchanged looks.

"You think he's out in the village somewhere?"

"He's got to be," John reasoned. "He's not here."

"He doesn't know any of the Athosians, does he?" Aiden asked. "I've never seen him mixing with them to any degree."

"No," John said as he scanned the crowd for signs of the errant physicist. "Well, there was that one guy he used to--." John shook his head and continued scanning as Aiden gaped at him. "Maybe we ought to do a search. John contacted base and told Elizabeth that they'd be staying a while. Then he and Aiden began to look for Rodney in the village. After about twenty minutes, they'd reached the end of the settlement and Aiden was growing worried. But John assured him that Rodney was probably fine, even if he'd neglected to bring his radio.

"He's probably at the smokehouse," John said. "It's his favorite place in the village." He headed for a hut about a short distance from the settlement.


"Why what?"

"Why would the smokehouse be his favorite place in the village?"

"Oh, you know McKay and sausage," John said with a sidelong glance. "No, I suppose you don't. But it's a nice quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Athosia. There's a shed out back where they keep the wood--."

"And that's where you two..."

"That's where we two what?" John challenged.

Aiden didn't reply. John smirked and led the way to the smokehouse. They walked around to the shed and John went in to look around. Aiden hung outside for a moment, but when John began to speak he stepped inside to hear what he had to say.

"It looks as though he's been here," John said as he bent to pick up Rodney's jacket.

"Where else would he go?" Aiden asked.

"I don't know, but I intend to find out. And when I do I'm going to wring his geeky little neck," John said as he stepped through the door and back into the afternoon sun. Aiden chuckled at the thought and reached for his shades as he, too, stepped outside. He took just a few steps before he was hit squarely in the chest with a bucket full of sticky fruit pulp.

"What the--? Gaaah!!" Aiden cried. Rodney dropped the bucket and stood back to admire his handiwork.

"I don't know about you but I feel better," Rodney said as he and John watched Aiden sputter and swear.

"I feel great," John said. "Revenge is sweet."

"McKay!" Aiden shouted. Rodney tried to evade him but Aiden was too fast. He launched himself at Rodney and pinned him to the wall of the shed, splattering him with the pulp. Rodney didn't put up a fight, knowing better than to try and best the young Marine.

"Revenge is sweet," he observed, licking a drop of fruit from his lips. "Have you tasted this, John?" Rodney scooped a bit of the pulp from Aiden's chest and held out his fingers. Aiden's mouth fell open when John sucked off the fruit.

"Mm," John said. "What is that, anyway?"

"The Athosians call it ebola; fortunately its name is completely unrelated to the disease of the same name," Rodney said conversationally as he scooped up another bit of fruit and ate it. Aiden disgustedly pushed away from him and took a step back. He turned to walk away but John grabbed his arm.

"Wait a minute, I want some more, too," he said. Aiden wrestled his arm away and pulled off his soiled shirt.

"Here," he said, angrily tossing it at John, who watched it fall to his feet. Aiden turned and started back toward the village.

"Hey!" Rodney shouted. "That's a waste of perfectly good fruit."

"Don't walk away, lieutenant," John said. Aiden froze, torn between anger and a sense of obligation to his commanding officer. He turned around and glared at the two men.

"Why?" he demanded. "Why did you guys do this? You two got dragged over a ledge by an act of God, so why did I get showered in sticky fruit?" John and Rodney exchanged a glance and shrugged.

"Looks good on him, though, doesn't it?"

"Yeah," John replied easily.

He closed the distance between himself and Aiden and took hold of his wrist. John pulled him closer, staring at the pulp dripping down his throat and over his left pectoral. John reached out with his free hand and caught a bit of the juice. As Aiden stared, mesmerized, John brought the fingers to his mouth and sucked them in.

"Waste not, want not," he said as he captured another drip and slowly licked his fingers clean. He dipped his fingers for the third time and held them up before Aiden's lips. Aiden swallowed hard as John pulled him a tiny bit closer and lightly touched his fingers to Aiden's mouth. "Taste it."

Aiden closed his eyes and licked his lips, then allowed the fingers to be pressed into his mouth. His eyes flew open again when he heard a soft moan.

"Ooh, do that again," Rodney said in a sexy drawl. He was standing very close--both men were very close--so close that Aiden could feel the heat of their bodies. Aiden couldn't take his eyes off Rodney as John repeated the action. Aiden sucked on the fingers as Rodney's lips parted slightly to reveal the tip of his tongue. Aiden was so engrossed in staring at it he didn't notice when John's fingers left his mouth. He flinched and then sighed softly when John leaned in to taste the juice on Aiden's skin.

John licked the sticky juice from Aiden's throat, lightly dabbing at first and then licking slowly as he worked his way up toward Aiden's ear. Aiden's eyelids fluttered and he inhaled sharply. Then Rodney leaned in to attack the other side, licking at a spot of juice on his cheek. Aiden felt hands caressing his back and pulling him closer and then Rodney claimed his mouth and he gave up trying to understand what was going on.

Later, Aiden would recall his first taste of Rodney, the velvet of his tongue as it lapped his face and the soft "hmm" Rodney moaned into his mouth. And he'd recall that John nudged Rodney out of the way to take his turn and intensity of the kiss that ensued. Aiden would recall feeling John's stubble at his mouth, his throat, his shoulder, and his chest. He felt hands moving over his bare skin but he quickly lost track of whose hands were where, not that it mattered. It was all good.

"Are you all right with this, Aiden?"

All he could do was nod. That was the extent of their conversation--consent requested and given--other than an admission of longstanding desire on John's part that Aiden couldn't answer because Rodney's tongue was in his mouth. He'd never dreamed of kissing Rodney, though he'd dreamt about John, so he was more than a little surprised by how turned on he was. He let his head fall back as the two men continued to kiss, lick and suck at his throat and shoulders. Then he felt something cold and wet plop on his face and opened his eyes.

"Guys? Uh...guys?"

Neither man could be distracted, so Aiden just laughed when the rain began to fall harder. John looked up then and swore. Rodney's reaction was more pragmatic; he grabbed Aiden by the hand and made a run for the shed. Aiden grabbed John's sleeve and they were soon inside and laughing. But they all fell silent when John's com link was activated.

"Major Sheppard, this is base."

"Go ahead, base," John said with a frown.

"There are large thunderstorms heading your way, sir."

"No shit, airman," John spat back. "Have you got any other information I needed ten minutes ago?"

"No, sir."

"Tell Dr. Weir we'll be staying put for a while. We're some distance from the Jumper and Dr. McKay is delicate," John said impishly. The airman was too unnerved by John's tone to laugh, so he took the message and signed out. John pulled the com link from his ear, shoved it into his pocket and turned to look at the others as he discarded his jacket. "Great! Start without me," he groused as he walked over to where Rodney and Aiden were making out.

"I was bored. Shoot me," Rodney said when he was able to drag himself away from Aiden's mouth. "Besides, he said something about going back outside for his hat. I couldn't stop him with physical force, could I?"

"Not my hat; my com link was pulled out of my ear when I took off my shirt," Aiden explained. "I was going to go and get it."

"Relax," Rodney said as he pushed Aiden back until he was against the wall. "It'll still be out there when it stops raining."

"It'll be ruined."

"Nah, our com links survived the flood," John said as he leaned in to kiss Aiden. "I believe it's my turn."

"I wasn't finished," Rodney complained. "...But I could really get into watching for a while..." He observed them briefly before reaching for the waistband of Aiden's pants. Aiden and John paused to look down.

"Oh, don't mind me," Rodney said puckishly. "You two just go on with whatever you were doing." He gestured for them to ignore him and unzipped Aiden's pants. "Boxers," he said approvingly.

"I told you no one with a shred of fashion sense wore tighty whities anymore," John smirked as he slowly trailed his hand down Aiden's abdomen.

"Yes, but until now I've never seen any evidence that Aiden had anything resembling a fashion sense."

"Hey!" Aiden protested.

"Loud tee shirts do not constitute a fashion statement." Rodney said as he slapped John's hand away well short of its goal.

"You promised to share," John complained.

"He promised?" Aiden replied. "You two planned this?"

"This? No, not exactly," John replied. He fell to his knees at Rodney's side.

"We did plan to dump something on you," Rodney said, nuzzling Aiden's crotch. John sighed impatiently and pushed him away so he could pull Aiden's shorts down. "And I insisted that it be something edible."

"Rodney wanted fantasy material," John said between a few experimental licks.

"What?" Aiden gasped.

"Mm, this is very edible," John muttered.

"Should he be able to talk? You can't talk when I do that," Rodney complained.

"Maybe if you shut up and started doing what you do best--."

"What does he do--God!" Aiden said as his knees buckled.

"I think that answers your question," John said smugly. "Come on, Aiden; you had to know that Rodney's mouth was good for something besides talking and eating. Wait, that's still technically eating, isn't it?" John looked up at the sound of Aiden's inarticulate moan and patted Rodney on the shoulder. "Save me some of that. I'll be back." He rose to his feet and attacked Aiden's mouth. When Aiden's knees began to give out again John lowered him to the ground, where he and Rodney took full advantage of their improved access to his body.

"Why did we wait two weeks to take revenge again?" Rodney asked as he watched John suck Aiden off. He stuck his fingers into Aiden's mouth and smiled as he had a better idea. "Why didn't we think of seducing him sooner?" he asked as he shifted around. After a moment he moaned deeply. "Why am I asking people questions when their mouths are full?"

"Why is your mouth empty?" John demanded as he also shifted around and reached out to grab Rodney by the hair.


"What on Earth happened to you?" Elizabeth asked when she saw John and Rodney's dusty uniforms.

"Thunderstorms," was John's terse reply. He glanced down and realized that he wasn't wet. "We took shelter in a dusty little shed."

"Very dusty," Rodney concurred. They strode away without another word and she watched them go with an indulgent sigh.


Aiden turned around.


"Was there peach jam in that dusty little shed?"

Aiden looked down at his shirt and felt his cheeks grow hot. He looked in the direction where John and Rodney had gone.

"Not exactly..."

"Those two double-teamed you," Elizabeth said knowingly. "I figured they'd get find a way to take their revenge."

"Yes, ma'am. They taught me a lesson I'll never forget."

Elizabeth chuckled and patted his shoulder soothingly.

"Don't take it too hard," she advised. "And I don't advise holding a grudge. I doubt you could best those two."

"No ma'am," Aiden said as he walked away smiling.

Holding a grudge was the farthest thing from his mind. Being bested by "those two" again... that was an idea he could embrace fully. Aiden reached the corridor leading to the living quarters and tried to remember whether he was supposed to meet them in Rodney's quarters or John's.

The End

Tags: ford/mckay/sheppard, rain

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