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IBAR: Her Meme-ish Proposal, My Way - Hotitudinosity — LiveJournal
fiction by jalabert
IBAR: Her Meme-ish Proposal, My Way
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hsapiens From: hsapiens Date: August 12th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been thinking about this while cleaning house - hey, I'm having a doozy of a weekend - and trying to figure out why this horrifies me so much. My personal philosophy is to try to take credit/blame for my own actions. It means I can't blame others for my mistakes which can be uncomfortable when I screw up but it frees me, too. Because while I control my own actions, I cannot make choices for or force others to do or not do. I don't have to take on responsibility for other adults' choices. The thought that I'd have to pay a price for Lohan's drugging, Paris's sexual antics, or Britney's unique approach to marriage actually makes me angry.

I also know that when one holds prejudice, one forgets the 10 examples that disprove it and remembers the one that "proved" it. I don't mind answering for my own behavior but I blanch at the thought of having the worst human behaviors used to represent me. :| I was thrilled to turn 20 because I was no longer a "teen" and I couldn't be lumped into that "doesn't vote, is irresponsible, doesn't care about anything outside of herself" stereotype any longer.

The criticism was actually that it featured so many crimes by white people it wasn't truly representative of life in New York City.

Excuse me while I go and hit my head against the wall.
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