jalabert (jalabert) wrote,

FIC: I am Beautiful

Title: I am Beautiful
Author: Jalabert
Rating: PG
Pairing: Morgan/Reid
Summary: Positive affirmation--it's a good thing.
Author's Note: Happy birthday fireness!

Spencer stood in front of the bathroom mirror in a pair of colorful boxers and an old wife beater of Derek's that hung on his frame unflatteringly. He made a face at his appearance and quickly ran a hand through his damp hair. He had no intention of leaving the house, but he thought he should make himself decently presentable before Derek returned with breakfast.

He brushed his teeth and briefly considered shaving but decided against it. He opened the medicine cabinet and stared at the bewildering array of products lining the shelves. He selected one and frowned at it for a moment before replacing it and choosing another. Deciding that it was safe to use, he opened the jar and dipped a finger in to retrieve a small dollop. He sniffed at the moisturizer before rubbing it between his hands and slathering his face. When he was done Spencer leaned in closer to the mirror to see its effect. Not discerning any difference, he straightened up and examined the state of his hair. Sighing, he opened the cabinet again, found the comb Derek had bought for him and spent the next minute grooming.

“Better,” he declared. He pulled a few hairs from between the comb's teeth and restored it to its place in Derek's impeccably neat medicine cabinet. Then he stared at his reflection once more.

Spencer wondered if Derek saw the same Spencer Reid he found in his mirror every day. Perhaps it didn't matter; he and Derek were happy together, regardless of how funny-looking Spencer thought he was. At least Derek had never called him funny-looking--he constantly told Spencer he was beautiful. Spencer could only hope that such was the case. He made a face but it quickly faded; it only made him look sillier. He sighed again and cleared his throat. Time for that positive reinforcement he'd been working on for the past two weeks.

“I am beautiful,” he said to his reflection unconvincingly. He took a deep breath and tried again. “I am beautiful,” he said in a clearer voice. “Yeah, right.” He averted his eyes to the sink and shuffled his feet for a second before looking up again with firm resolve. “I am beautiful.” He smiled at his reflection and nodded. “But not in this shirt,” he said looking at the baggy tank. “Maybe I ought to change before he gets back.”

Spencer went into the bedroom and dug around in Derek's dresser until he came up with a black tee shirt. Satisfied, he changed into it and returned to the bathroom.

“I am beautiful,” he pronounced. “Oh, that's so much better,” Spencer said, relieved. “Maybe someday I'll actually believe it.” He ran his fingers through his hair so that it dried a bit fuller. “I am beautiful,” he said again, grinning. He shut his eyes for a moment, basking in the self-affirmation. “Now for something even more important.” He cleared his throat once more. “I love you, Derek Morgan.”

“I love you, too, Spencer,” Derek said from the doorway. Spencer's eyes flew open and he saw his lover leaning against the door frame, a bag of takeout in one hand. He wore a slightly amused expression. “And you are beautiful.” He winked and disappeared down the hall toward the kitchen.

Spencer stared at the spot he'd vacated for several seconds before turning back to the mirror. He was radiant and, in the glow of the best possible affirmation, absolutely beautiful.

The End
Tags: criminal minds, derek morgan, i am beautiful, reid/morgan, spencer reid

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