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FIC: Crossed Jurisdictions, Part 1

Title: Crossed Jurisdictions, Part 1
Author: Jalabert
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Flack/Hawkes, Morgan/Hawkes implied
Category: Crossover (CSI:NY, Criminal Minds)
Summary: When a serial killer brings the BAU team to New York, an old acquaintance is renewed and a new relationship emerges.

Derek stared out over the large rectangle of landscape in the center of Manhattan. It never got old for him, seeing New York from the air. Central Park in all its emerald glory, the glittering cityscape, the strings of lights on the Triborough Bridge at night… New York was always breathtaking. He had to force himself to turn away from the view to focus on what his colleague was saying.

"New York City has had relatively few serial killers. Richard Angelo killed 25 patients at Good Samaritan Hospital out on Long Island during the 1980's, but for the most part the city itself has been spared the scourge of serial killers, probably due at least in part to the vast resources of the New York City Police Department. Of course, David Berkowitz, better known as the Son of Sam, managed to kill six people and wound seven others before he was captured in 1977…"

Derek let the landscape below seduce him once again as Spencer continued to reel off details about serial killers who'd terrorized New York in the past. Emily disputed Spencer's assertion that they were dealing with a serial killer in the case that had brought them to the Big Apple and a lively debate ensued. Derek sighed and closed his eyes.

"We haven't even had confirmation that all the cases were related," she insisted. "Let's wait until we've spoken with the New York City authorities."

"I think we're better qualified to make that determination," Spencer replied confidently.

"Perhaps, but it's not our call," Emily said. She turned to Hotch for support but he was absorbed in a book. She turned to Derek. "What do you think, Morgan?" He sighed and stretched his legs and arms before answering.

"I think we're about to land," he said, but before either Emily or Spencer could respond, Hotch looked up and weighed in on the debate.

"If the evidence connects the case in New Jersey to the two in the city, we probably are dealing with a serial killer," he said. "Let's hear what they have to say before we come to any conclusions."

"I thought the Jersey City police didn't find sufficient forensic evidence to support the serial killer theory," Emily replied, frowning.

"They didn't, but they lack the resources to do the kind of analysis they'd need to connect the dots," Hotch answered. "They might have called upon the state police for support, but instead they took the extraordinary step of calling on the NYPD's crime scene unit to take the lead. If the two local departments have established a cooperative working relationship it's going to make things a lot easier on us."

The plane landed at LaGuardia Airport and Hotch handed out assignments as the team made its way through the terminal. He and Spencer would speak with the New York City officials while Emily and Derek went to Jersey City to get an update on the situation there. JJ would set up a base of operations for the group at their hotel. Three cars from the local FBI office awaited the team at the curb and the team split up.

"Ever been in the city before?" Derek asked conversationally as the car sped along the highway headed for the George Washington Bridge.

"Many times," Emily replied. "I even lived here for a while when I was a girl. My mother worked with the US ambassador for a time and we were based here. I loved it." Derek smiled at her tone and saw in his mind's eye a younger Emily running across the Great Lawn of Central Park. "How about you?" she asked, breaking his reverie.

"I've been here several times," he said. "For work, mostly, but for play, too. It's a great town."

"That it is," she muttered, her eyes on the view. They rode the rest of the way in silence, each lost in memories of the past.

They arrived at Jersey City police headquarters and met with the detective in charge of the case. They were also introduced to Detective Stella Bonasera, the New York City CSI who was heading up the forensic investigation. Derek took an immediate liking to the woman, who was as open and forthcoming as her Jersey City counterpart was curt and disobliging. He asked her to brief him on the results she'd gathered so far.

"Would you like to take a look?" she said as she led him down the corridor toward her temporary workspace. "We've got a set-up here but we really need to get this stuff back across the river to our own lab."

"Why haven't you taken it there yet?"

"The chief of police invited us in on the case, but that doesn't mean his subordinates are happy to have us on their turf. Reilly, back there, has been stonewalling us for two days now. I'm hoping that your arrival means we can take this stuff back to the city and get moving before the evidence begins to deteriorate."

"What have you got?" Derek asked as he peered at the boxes of bagged samples.

"Blood, hair-- no evidence of sexual assault; but until we can run a DNA sample we have no way of knowing if this case is connected with the two murders in the city," she replied. "I'm about ready to tear my hair out."

"Now, that would be a terrible shame," Derek said with a slightly flirtatious smile. "If you can give us any plausible connection between the two cases we can take it out of their hands."

"And ours," Stella said giving him an assessing look. Derek raised his hands defensively.

"Look, we're not here to grab your glory. We just want to get a killer off the streets. We'd be more than happy to cooperate with you if it means stopping this guy."

"I'm with you on that," she admitted. "But you're going to have to convince the boys from Jersey City."

"Give me that evidence and I won't need to."

Stella nodded at Derek.

"Sheldon found something that might connect the cases," she said as she looked through her notes. "Of course, the Catch-22 is that we have to get the evidence back to our labs in order to confirm our suspicions."

"What is it?"

"Traces of metal shavings that don't belong at either scene. It was found on the victim's clothing. The same substance was also found on the tape that bound the wrists of the body we found in Queens."

"What about the other case?" Derek asked. Stella looked around.

"We're following up on that. Lindsay!" she called to a woman on the other side of the room. "Where's Hawkes?"

"He went back to the city about an hour ago. Something about the Dunham case," Lindsay said with an apologetic shrug. Stella turned back to Derek.

"He's the one who was doing the analysis."

"Let me talk to my people," he said, drawing out his phone. He strode away as both Stella and Lindsay observed him with interest.

"You didn't introduce me to your new friend," Lindsay said teasingly. "But I could see why you'd want to keep him to yourself."

"He's a looker, all right," Stella agreed. "He's also FBI and he's agreed to help us pry our evidence out of Reilly's hands so we can finally crack this case."


"Prentiss," Derek said crisply as he returned to the office where he'd left his colleague.

"Find anything?"

"I'm calling Hotch now," he said, as he made a call on his phone. "It's me," he said, when Hotch answered. "We've got evidence that links two of the cases. Same trace material found on two victims in two different states. Yeah." He listened for a few seconds more and then closed the phone. "We're taking the case."


"Who's Stella's new boyfriend?" Danny asked as he watched her escort Derek into Mac Taylor's office, where Hotch, Spencer and a number of New York police officials had already assembled.

"He's a federal agent," Lindsay replied. "The FBI is taking over our two unsolved murder cases."

"Just like that?"

"You knew it would happen as soon as they established a link between our cases and the one in New Jersey."

"Yeah, but I don't have to like it," Danny grumbled. "We've put in five weeks on those cases and they just waltz in and take away our hard work."

"No one wants to take away anything," JJ said from the door. "We want to work with the NYPD and the Jersey City police to solve these murders." She produced her badge and introduced herself.

"Pardon me for doubting you," Danny said with no small amount of sarcasm, "but I just had lunch so I can't swallow the usual amount of bullshit." Rather than take offense, JJ smiled. She was used to that sort of reaction from local law enforcement types.

"I'm looking for Sheldon Hawkes."

"Doctor Hawkes is in the field," Danny replied tersely.

"Perhaps we can be of assistance," Lindsay cut in hastily. "We've all been working on the two Jane Does."

"According to Detective Bonasera, Dr. Hawkes was following up on some trace evidence collected at two of the crime scenes," JJ replied. Lindsay and Danny exchanged a look.

"That we can't help you with," Lindsay admitted with an apologetic shrug. "If he was doing that analysis he hasn't shared the results with us yet."

"Thanks," JJ replied. She nodded curtly and returned to Mac's office, not convinced that the pair was being completely honest. "They said we have to wait for Dr. Hawkes," she reported to the team. "He's out in the field and they say he hasn't shared his results with anyone."

"Stella?" Mac said, turning to his longtime colleague. She nodded and moved toward the door. She pulled out a phone as soon as she was outside and punched in a number on her speed dial.

"Sheldon," Stella said. "How much longer will you be in court?"

"I'm done," he replied as he stepped out into the bright sunlight. "What's up?"

"The FBI is here. They're going to be taking over those unsolved cases."

"They connected the dots for us, eh?"

"Actually, they're waiting for you to do that. Did you do that follow-up on the metal shavings?"

"I started it but I didn't get very far before I was called in for my deposition on the Dunham case. I'm headed back to the lab now."

"We'll be waiting." She closed her phone and slipped back into the office. Derek looked up.

"Did you get him?" he asked sotto voce. Stella nodded as she resumed her position between him and Don Flack. "Tell me something," he said a few minutes later as the meeting began to break up. "Did you say that this guy was named Sheldon Hawkes?"

Don turned his attention to the pair for the first time. He'd previously ignored the bits of conversation that the two had shared earlier.

"Yes," Stella replied. "Do you know him?"

"I knew a Dr. Sheldon Hawkes," Derek said thoughtfully. "But he was a surgical resident at a hospital in Boston."

"That sounds like our boy," Don volunteered. Stella was surprised by his comment, but didn't let on. "How do you know the doc?" he asked curiously.

"I was on a case a few years back," Derek replied easily. "It must be eight or nine years ago now. I was working undercover to try and flesh out a guy who was euthanizing terminal patients at a hospital in the mistaken belief that he was doing God's will. There was a young resident named Sheldon Hawkes on staff there. There can't be two of them."

"It does sound like our boy," Stella said, agreeing with Don.

"But he's a member of your unit?" Derek asked in confusion. "My Sheldon Hawkes was an MD."

"So is our Sheldon Hawkes," Don replied pointedly. "He moved to CSI from the ME's office."

"He was an ME, too?" Derek shook his head. "That's a story I'll have to get him to tell me." He excused himself and walked off to join the rest of his team. Stella watched him go with an expression of intrigue on her face.

"Well, well… This could be more interesting than I thought," she said speculatively. "Not only can we get this sicko locked up, we might also find out something about Sheldon's enigmatic past. Although it seems that you already know something about it," Stella said, turning to Don. "How did you know about his days in Boston?"

"We talk," Don said gruffly, before making a quick exit.

"I suppose all you're doing is talking," she said with a sigh as she watched him leave.


"So tell me about this meeting with the Feds," Sheldon said as he logged into his computer.

"They sent in their elite behavioral analysis team," Stella replied, sitting on the edge of the desk.

"Over a couple of Jane Does?" Sheldon looked up, his file momentarily forgotten. "Who did Mac call?"

"I don't know, but it must have been someone with very good connections. I was expecting someone from the local office. These guys flew in from Quantico."

"Quantico?" Sheldon turned his attention back to his computer. "I'm not sure this case warrants that."

"Well, whether it does or doesn't, they're here and I strongly suspect they won't be leaving soon. Mac says they want to work with us on this case."

"They want to work with us--not the other way around?"

Stella shrugged.

"Oh, and one of them claims an acquaintance with you. Do you know a Derek Morgan?"

Sheldon brought up the file and sent it to the printer before he looked up again.

"No. That name doesn't ring a bell."

"Well, he says he met you in Boston. You were a surgical resident and he was working undercover trying to nab an angel of mercy," Stella explained, watching him closely. Sheldon frowned and then nodded.

"I don't recall the name, but I recall the case."

"And the man?" Stella prompted. "African American, about six feet tall, missed his calling as a supermodel…" Sheldon laughed.

"I do remember a guy who posed as an orderly but I can't say for sure about the rest of your description."

"And here I thought surgeons were supposed to have excellent vision," Stella teased as she reached for the printout. "Bingo! There is a match between trace residue found on our first victim and the one found in Jersey City. But it's not the metal shavings. It's powdered graphite."

"Locksmith?" Sheldon suggested. "The shavings and powdered graphite are consistent with someone involved in making keys or machining some sort of tool."

"That would explain how he gained access to the victim's homes." Stella headed for the door. "I can't believe we didn't see this before."

"We follow the evidence, remember?" Sheldon replied.

"And it's been staring us right in the face!" She strode out of the lab. Sheldon followed her to the door.

"Where are you going?" he called. Stella stopped and turned back.

"To tell Mac. Sheldon, we have got to identify these women. I'm betting that they have something in common after all."

"They all called a locksmith, perhaps?" he surmised. Stella nodded and took off again. She was so focused on the papers in her hand that she nearly collided with Derek.

"Hey, pretty lady," he said as he reached out to steady her.

"Sorry," she said sheepishly, noticing that he was with another member of the team who had been introduced as Dr. Spencer Reid. "We just found that connection we were looking for." She rearranged the printouts and pressed them into his hands.

"The connection among all three cases?" Spencer asked.

"Yes; we found metal shavings on one of the victims in New York and powdered graphite on the other."

"And you found both on the New Jersey victim," Derek read.

"Looks like our unsub may be a locksmith," Spencer concluded.

"Our thoughts exactly," Stella replied as Derek returned the printout.

"Well, none of the victims were found in their homes," Spencer mused. "So--."

"They may have called a locksmith, or at least come into contact with someone with key-making tools," Derek finished for him.

"More likely came into contact with him somewhere," Sheldon said emerging from his office. "I find that easier to believe than that three women called this guy and he was able to drag them from their homes unseen."

"And that means that our victims aren't necessarily--."

"From the city," Sheldon concluded before Spencer could finish the thought. "Which means our original crime scenes could be located much farther apart than we originally thought."

"Dr. Hawkes?" Derek said peering at him closely. Sheldon turned to look up at him and his face lit up in recognition. Derek extended his hand. "Derek Morgan. We met several years ago in Boston."

"Yes, I remember," Sheldon replied, smiling.

"This is my colleague, Dr. Spencer Reid. Reid, this is Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, MD."

"A medical doctor?" Spencer said curiously as he shook Sheldon's hand. "That's unusual for a crime scene unit."

"Well, I came by my current position by a rather unusual career path," Sheldon said coyly.

"That's an understatement," Stella said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, let's get this to Mac."

"Hey, Bonasera," Derek said as she began to lead Sheldon away. Stella paused.

"Right. Your case," Stella sighed. She started to hand him the papers, but he shook his head.

"I was going to suggest that you brief the entire team," he said, reaching for his phone. He called Hotch while Spencer continued to speculate about the unsub with Sheldon.


"Well, I still think it should be ours," Don Flack said before taking a bite of his hot pastrami sandwich.

"How do you figure that?" Sheldon reasoned. "It's clearly a federal case!"

"We don't know that for a fact, do we? All three murders might have been committed here in the city."

"And if they were, so what? You know that transporting a body across state lines is a federal offense, Flack."

"And they're just using that as an excuse to take our case!" he persisted. "We've got more on these Jane Does than they do. We ought to be running the investigation."

"You know better than that, Don," Mac said reproachfully. He tucked into his own sandwich as Don pensively stared out of the window of the restaurant.

"I think it's very interesting that the FBI sent its behavioral analysis unit to investigate the case," Stella volunteered. "Exactly who did you speak to down in Washington, Mac?"

"I called a friend of mine who's done some work with the BAU in the past. When I told him what they had on the case he said that the killer could be a sexual sadist and put me in touch with the unit."

"We've dealt with them before without the FBI butting in," Don said petulantly.

"Someone needs a time out," Stella said, smiling. Don turned his piercing blue glare at her for a second and then resumed staring out at the street. Stella couldn't resist pushing his buttons a bit more. She turned to Sheldon. "So, have you had a chance to speak with Derek yet? He seemed to be very interested in getting caught up on what you've been up to since your time together in Boston." Her words had the desired effect. Don turned back to the table, his attention focused on the man sitting opposite him. Stella sat back to observe the pair.

She knew that Don had a huge crush on Sheldon, who gave every appearance of being oblivious. But Stella wasn't convinced that such was the case. He was one of the smartest and most perceptive people she'd ever met and it was unlikely that Don's interest had escaped his notice; few things ever did. Stella had been trying to figure out where Sheldon stood on the subject of Don Flack for months. She knew that Sheldon was bisexual and that he was more inclined toward men. She also knew that he found several of the men he worked with at the lab and in the field very attractive.

Stella recalled that evening when Sheldon had made those revelations. On a whim, she'd invited him over for dinner at the end of a particularly tough case. They'd opened a bottle of wine and talked about everything under the sun while they prepared pasta and salad. Sheldon had been remarkably candid about some things and, encouraged by his openness, she'd revealed a few secrets of her own. It had been a lot of fun and she'd grown a lot closer to Sheldon that night, but by the evening's end she'd learned nothing at all about the one thing she really wanted to know.

"No," Sheldon replied, his eyes focused on his sandwich. "We've both been too busy with the case to sit down and talk."

"I didn't realize that you two had a past," Mac observed. His innocent statement made Don sit up in his seat and frown at Sheldon.

"I wouldn't call it a past, Mac," Sheldon replied with a small shrug. "I just knew him casually. He was working undercover at the hospital where I did my surgical residency. Up until the day he made an arrest I thought he was just an orderly."

"But you two were friends," Stella suggested, with a glance at Don. Once again, Sheldon shrugged.

"Well, I guess you could say we were friendly. He seemed to take an interest in me. I assumed that it had something to do with the fact that I was the only brother among the surgical residents. I was assigned to the graveyard shift in the trauma center and during quiet times we sort of hung out together and talked."

"How long was Derek there?" Stella asked.

"Almost a month. I was completely surprised when he came to my aid flashing a gun and a badge. You know, it's been a long time since I've thought about those days in Boston," Sheldon said. "I kind of--."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Doc," Don interrupted. "Back up to the bit about coming to your aid with a gun."

"Huh?" Sheldon set down his sandwich.

"You said something about him coming to your aid?" Mac prompted.

"Oh; some drugged-up loser stumbled into the ER one night and tried to steal some drugs," Sheldon replied. "That sort of thing used to happen a lot in those days before they beefed up security. I was minding my business, writing some notes and the next thing I knew some guy was holding a knife to my throat and demanding drugs. He led me to the medicine closet and pushed me inside. Everyone stayed put because they were afraid he'd hurt me. I gave him the drugs and he led me out to the parking lot. That's when Derek Morgan came out of nowhere, rushed the guy, pulled his gun and took him down."

"So he saved your life," Stella said, observing Don's slow burn.

"I don't know about that," Sheldon said sheepishly.

"A drugged-up whacko with a knife?" Mac said. "Sounds like a life or death situation to me."

"Me, too," Stella agreed. "Flack?"

"He blew his cover," he replied.

"And saved Sheldon's life," Mac said, signaling for the check. "Given the choice, I'd take it."

"Wouldn't you, Flack?" Stella asked benignly. Don glared at her blatant provocation.

"Actually, his cover wasn't blown," Sheldon interjected. "The take-down took place out of sight of the rest of the ER staff. No one knew he'd been involved. Members of his back-up unit made the actual arrest. So all my coworkers heard was that a couple of plainclothes cops happened to be driving by the hospital and they intervened in an apparent mugging. After it was all over, Derek took me aside to explain why he was at the hospital and asked me not to reveal the operation."

"Nice save," Don said with a tinge of sarcasm as he reached for his phone. "Yeah," he said, pointedly ignoring Stella's smile. "Yeah. I'm on my way." He closed the phone and rose. "We may have caught a break in the case," he said as he reached for his wallet.

"What have you got?" Mac demanded as he leapt to his feet.

"A woman is at the precinct who might be able to identify one of the Jane Does."

Mac, Stella and Sheldon went to the precinct with Don. Stella called Derek on the way and he arrived about ten minutes after Don sat down with the woman. As he entered the room, he picked up on her story.

"My sister isn't--wasn't the sort of person who sat around the house waiting for the phone to ring, Detective Flack," she was saying. "She liked to socialize."

"So she liked to party," Stella concluded. "Do you know any of the people she liked to party with?"

"I wish I did," the woman said. "When she didn't return my calls I called her job but they couldn't tell me anything. That's when I really began to worry. I came down to the city and tried to get into her apartment but the superintendent wouldn't let me in. That's when I called the police."

"How long has it been since you saw your sister, Ms.--?" Derek asked. Doc shot him an impatient look, but the woman turned to the federal agent.

"Jeffers. Christine Jeffers. And it's been three months," she replied, confused by the newcomer's appearance. Derek started to ask another question but Don cut him off.

"They didn't talk much," he volunteered. "We've already sent a few uniforms over to the sister's apartment. Detective Taylor and Dr. Hawkes went with them."

Derek nodded and stood back to let Don finish the interview. Don introduced Derek to the woman and then continued his questions. When he was done he turned to Derek, who had nothing more to ask.

"So you think that my sister was murdered?" she asked tearfully. "Who would do such a thing? Why?"

"We're doing everything in our power to find out," Stella replied solemnly. She stayed behind to console the woman when Derek and Don left the room to talk.

Derek had spent the better part of the last day trying to figure out why the young detective disliked him. He fairly radiated hostility, although his behavior was always completely professional. Derek was used to hostile attitudes among local law enforcement personnel, but this seemed to be personal and he had no idea why. So while he'd left the room prepared to tear into Don for starting the interview with the witness before he arrived, he was actually more interested in assessing Don's motives.

"Before you jump down my throat about--," Don began as soon as the door closed behind him, sensing Derek's anger.

"What part of 'this is our case' don't you understand, detective?" Derek spat back.

"Hey, I wasn't--."

"I'm sorry if you think we're pissing all over your turf, but--."

"It wasn't my call," Don persisted. "Detective Taylor showed her the crime scene photos and asked if she could identify the victim, but it wasn't necessary to make a positive ID. The dead girl was her twin sister," Don concluded. Derek glowered at him.

"And I suppose Detective Taylor also took it upon himself to visit the victim's home?"

"It's standard procedure," Don said bluntly. "Don't worry; he called your boss and they sent someone from your team to make sure we do our jobs properly."

"Look, we're not here to--."

"Save me the speech, okay? All I care about is getting the dirt bag who turned that woman into an only child," Don spat, nodding toward the interview room. "Nothing else matters. Nothing." He turned on his heel and strode away. Derek stared at his departing figure, shaking his head.

"You have to forgive him," Stella said. Derek turned his head. "He's taking this rather personally."


"We all hate having to tell someone that she's lost a loved one and that her body's been lying on a slab in the morgue for three weeks," Stella explained. "When one of our own mouths off in a horrendous lapse of judgment, it only makes it worse."

"What are you talking about?"

"Someone tipped her off before we got here," Stella explained. "She walked into a precinct downtown looking for help locating her sister. One of the detectives there suggested that she file a missing persons report and while he was getting the forms, another detective saw her and said that that she was a dead ringer for our Jane Doe. The poor woman overheard the comment and went nuts, as you can imagine." Stella paused to sigh sympathetically. "They called Flack, as the detective of record in the case, and transported her here. By the time we arrived she was demanding to know whether or not her sister was dead and why she hadn't been notified."

Derek sheepishly averted his eyes as Stella turned and began to walk down the hall.

"She practically attacked Flack when he entered the room and cried in his arms after she identified her sister from the crime scene photo." Derek nodded somberly. Stella paused and looked up at him. "This case is getting to all of us," she confessed. Derek nodded. He started to say something but his phone rang.

"Yeah, Hotch," he said as he watched Stella walk away.


Derek arrived at the apartment of Caroline Jeffers and found the apartment crawling with New York City police, FBI agents and four CSIs, who were collecting evidence. Derek spotted Hotch speaking to Spencer in one corner of the crowded living room and made his way over.

"Should all these people be trampling over our crime scene?" he asked.

"This isn't the crime scene," Mac volunteered as he joined the conversation. "We've established that she probably hasn't been here in some time, which is consistent with the time of her death. And there's no evidence of anything remotely related to the sexual assault or murder of the victim." Derek wasn't ready to be convinced but Hotch agreed.

"All the evidence suggests that she left her apartment and simply never came back," he said.

"So what are you collecting?" Derek asked Mac. He turned to sweep his eyes around the room to where Sheldon, Danny and Lindsay were bagging and tagging evidence.

"We're trying to get a sense of what she does, where she goes… If we can retrace her steps we might be able to figure out where she met her killer."

"We don't have enough on our unsub to develop a real profile yet," Spencer agreed. "Maybe profiling the victims will give us an idea of the man who murdered them."

"Mac," Sheldon called, beckoning him over. Derek and Hotch followed Mac to the kitchen. "Take a look." He pointed to a business card tacked to the refrigerator by a colorful magnet. Derek peered at the card for a locksmith. "I checked the door and all the windows. There's no sign that any of them had been worked on recently. No graphite, no shavings--nothing we could connect with the trace we found on the body."

"Good work, Sheldon," Mac said as he removed the card and dropped it into the bag Sheldon held up. "Take this back to the lab and run the prints."

Sheldon nodded and turned to collect his things. Derek watched him for a second before Hotch suggested that he join Sheldon and report back with his findings. Derek walked over to where Sheldon was packing his case.

"Let me give you a hand," he said, lifting one of the three bags at Sheldon's feet.

"Thanks," Sheldon replied. He led the way out of the building, heading for a patrol car, but Derek steered him toward his own ride.

"You know, normally I'd be pissed at having to leave somewhere three minutes after I arrive," Derek said once they were on the road. "But I haven't had a chance to talk to you since I got here."

"Isn't that the nature of the job?" Sheldon replied.

"I suppose," Derek mused. "So I hear you went from promising surgeon to ME to CSI since the last time I saw you. How'd that happen?"

"It's a long story," Sheldon said modestly.

"It sounds like an interesting story."

"Depends on what you consider interesting, I guess."

"Well, I'd like to hear it," Derek said, stealing a glance at Sheldon before turning onto the FDR Drive. "I take this to 23rd Street, right?"


"So? Are you telling me this story, or what?" Derek asked after a few minutes. Sheldon smiled and shook his head.

"It's a very long story," he said. "If we get some time…"

"Let's make time."

"Okay; but we've got all this new evidence to process…"

"You won't be doing it all personally, right?" Derek concluded. Sheldon smiled.



"There's a little place near the lab where we like to hang out after work. We could meet there, have a beer and get caught up."

"Sounds like a plan." Derek smiled and signaled for the next exit.

End Part 1

On to Part 2
Tags: criminal minds, crossed jurisdictions, crossover, csi:ny, derek morgan, don flack, sheldon hawkes, spencer reid

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    Title: The Other - Part 7 Author: Jalabert Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Ford/McKay Category: First time Summary: Is imitation the sincerest form of…