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Title: Breathe
Author: Jalabert
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Ford/Sheppard
Category: Established relationship
Summary: It didn't take much to set John off

It didn't take much to set John off these days. Not when all it took was a word to get him hard; or a look, or a sound. Especially that sound. John closed his eyes and groaned softly. He snapped them open again. "Flying blind" was an expression, not a strategy meant to be taken literally. He gritted his teeth when the sound assaulted his ears once more and flicked a glance over his shoulder.

"How's he doing?" he demanded.

"I have removed the stinger but his arm is still swelling alarmingly," Teyla reported.

"Anaphylactic shock."

John looked over at Rodney, who was riding shotgun.

"What do we do?" he asked as Rodney started digging through the pockets of his flack vest.

"We do this," he said, producing an epinephrine pen, which he turned and jabbed into Aiden's thigh without ceremony.

John was sure that his scream of protest was just as loud as Aiden's cry of pain, but no one seemed to notice. At least that sound stopped. Aiden closed his eyes and stilled. John focused on his flying and Rodney explained to no one in particular that although he'd still require medical attention once they reached Atlantis, Aiden was no longer at risk of dying of his allergic reaction to bee venom. Teyla watched her charge like a mother hen. Rodney continued to talk. Aiden stared ahead glassily, his eyes occasionally meeting John's when he gave in to the temptation to look back. The jumper approached the gate and Rodney dialed home.

An hour later, Aiden was released from the infirmary. The other members of the team completed their debriefing and went their separate ways. Rodney headed for the lab to check on an ongoing project. Teyla went to meditate. John went to Aiden's quarters to get some reassurance.

He found Aiden lying on his bed in his underwear, eyes closed, his breathing even and steady. John entered the room quietly and stood in the center of the room, observing. Listening; Aiden breathing was a beautiful sound. He smiled and Aiden opened his eyes.

"You planning on standing there all night?" he asked. John shook his head and pulled off his shirt. Tossing it over his shoulder, he sat on the edge of the bed. Aiden reached up and ran a warm and still slightly shaky hand over John's chest. John took hold of it and kissed the palm. "You sap," Aiden chuckled. John leaned in and kissed away his laughter.

Aiden pushed him away and sat up. John helped him out of his shirt and laid him down again, nipping at his earlobe before nuzzling his throat. He wouldn't leave a mark there, where it might be seen. But once he reached Aiden's collarbone, he gave his mouth free reign to bite, lick, suck and taste warm skin. Aiden sighed; John placed his head on his chest and paused to listen. He smiled as he heard the steady rhythm of his lover's heart.

"You can sleep in your own room," Aiden said. John smiled and lifted his head.

"I wasn't sleeping. I was listening," he replied, rising to strip out of his pants. "It's good to hear you breathing normally again." Aiden scrambled out of his shorts and tossed them across the room.

"I'm not interested in breathing normally at the moment, oddly enough," Aiden said as he reached for John and pulled him into his arms. "I'm interested in breathing hard and erratic. I want to be panting and gasping as I writhe around on the bed with you pounding into me," he whispered huskily in John's ear. He smiled when John shuddered. "I saw you."

"You saw me," John repeated as his hands found the soft curve of Aiden's ass and began to knead and squeeze.

"I saw you," Aiden said once again as he pressed closer to John and nibbled at his throat. John preferred the zip-turtleneck shirts Aiden despised, so he attacked John's neck with impunity. "I was fighting for air and you were getting hard, you perv."

"I can't help it," John said, doing a little panting of his own. "You sounded so damned hot."

"Thank goodness for McKay," Aiden said archly.

"Hey, he's got his kinks, I've got you," John murmured as he thrust his hips against Aiden's.

"I'd hardly call being prepared for a medical emergency a kink, John."

"I wasn't talking about--. Never mind; let's get this show on the road."

"Good thing I got a clean bill of health, thank you for asking," Aiden said wryly as he reached under his pillow for the lube.

"I checked with the doc before I came here. I'm not a complete perv."


"Bite me."

"My pleasure," Aiden said, nipping John's ear. John bit back, attacking Aiden's generous mouth before burrowing his tongue into the moist heat. His hand found Aiden's and claimed the lube. He deftly opened it one-handed and pulled back.

"Since you're still recovering, why don't you just lie back and let me do all the work?"

Aiden smiled and started to reply, but John cut him off with another kiss. He forgot about the lube momentarily as he became absorbed again, obsessed with his lover's taste and the feel of the body wrapped around him. But Aiden grew impatient and pushed him away.

"Are you planning to do me some time tonight?" he complained. "I distinctly recall hearing you say something about getting this show on the road." John recovered the tube, which had fallen to the floor and sat up. He slapped Aiden on the thigh and he lifted his legs.

"No," John said. "I want you to roll over. I want you to just lie there for me while I take you slow and deep. I want you to--." Aiden sat up again and covered his mouth.

"I want you to shut up and get on with it. I might have died today. Didn't that teach you anything? Life is fleeting; I don't have time to listen to porny verbal foreplay. Get the lube, get you hard, get me loose, get us off. Got it?"

"Got it," John chuckled. "Now what was that list again?"

"Start with number three," Aiden said, extricating himself from John's legs and turning over. "Now."

"Pushy bottom; gotta love it," John said, leaning in to kiss the small of Aiden's back. Aiden's growl focused John on his task. "Right; number three. Number two is definitely taken care of."

He prepared Aiden slowly, starting with a sensuous barehanded back massage interspersed with gentle kisses. By the time Aiden was ready, he was practically purring. John delivered as promised, slow and deep, paying careful attention to all of Aiden's hot spots, pushing every one of his buttons and using every trick in John's extensive repertoire. But ultimately, the sound of Aiden's breathing got to him again. He found it impossible to hold back when Aiden gasped out his name. He collapsed on Aiden's back and listened, till Aiden grunted and tried to shift. Then John rolled to one side and pulled him into his arms. Aiden rested his head on John's chest and smiled.

"I could get into this," he said drowsily some minutes later.

"I thought you were already into this," John quipped, toying with a strand of Aiden's curly hair.

"I meant this breathing thing. It's nice."

"Yeah; breathing is good," John said as a yawn overtook him.

The End
Tags: aiden ford, breathe, ford/sheppard, john sheppard, stargate: atlantis

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