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FIC: College Visit (East Meets West) - Hotitudinosity
fiction by jalabert
FIC: College Visit (East Meets West)
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elvensorceress From: elvensorceress Date: November 15th, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG The Mamas! \o/ I love them so much. This made me so happy, I can't even tell you. I love that they're meeting and getting to know each other. And discussing their boys nicknames mad me giggle. ♥

"He's been very good for my Ryan. I've never seen him so happy."
I adored this. It says so much.

there's nothing on this earth that would stop him from loving either of his children, but while I never doubted that, Ryan did.
Oh, gosh. That feels so real and it's so full of emotion and, again, says so much.

One minute she's completely besotted with someone, the next she's forbidding us from even mentioning the boy's name. That was never Ryan and Chad,
Oh, boys. *clutches heart*

Darby pulled her into a hug and, after sharing another smile, the two mothers went their separate ways.
LOVE. Just adorable.

I don't know how intentional this was -though it's you, and you think about things like this :) - but I loved how there were reflections of Chad and Ryan in Jessica and Darby. Chad's mom was very analytical and practical the way I think Chad is. And Darby was very perceptive of the feelings and the connection between Chad and Ryan - and I tend to see Ryan as a bit of a romantic. It was lovely to see. And such fun to read! I might have to encourage you to write more Mama fics ;)

jalabert From: jalabert Date: November 15th, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
I knew you'd love the mama summit!

Darby is a canon figure, so I worked from that. It's obvious that she and Ryan are close. I think she sees the world through Ryan's eyes and vice versa. I think they're both romantics at heart. Jessica is also a parent who's been very involved in her son's life, so she (and Mr. D) have been a strong influence. Thus, Chad's values would more or less reflect hers. Even with his lousy character development in the HSM franchise, he comes across as very level-headed and pragmatic. I think that's his parents through and through.

I definitely need to follow up on this. I have a few ideas in my head and I need to see the mamas get busted. But there will definitely be more.
18 comments or leave a comment