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FIC: Payback (Porn Battle Entry) - Hotitudinosity
fiction by jalabert
FIC: Payback (Porn Battle Entry)
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lil_1337 From: lil_1337 Date: January 29th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I doubt Chad is going to feel too abused though I have no doubt he'll claim payback either.

Love the line about claiming salvage rights.
jalabert From: jalabert Date: January 29th, 2009 02:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Chad's too shocked to feel too much of anything beyond "sated" for quite a while. And yeah, he'll be looking for payback as soon as he learns to breath again.

I crack myself up with lines like that. ;)

Thanks, honey!
13 comments or leave a comment