jalabert (jalabert) wrote,

FIC: Birthday Wish

Title: Birthday Wish
Author: Jalabert

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Ford/Sheppard
Category: Established relationship
Summary: Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.

"You sent for me, ma'am?" Aiden Ford asked as he entered the conference room in answer Elizabeth's summons. He heard muffled voices and, peering around cautiously, he saw about twenty people lining the walls. They all bore smiles, which Aiden meekly returned. "What's going on?" he asked.

"I believe it's your birthday, lieutenant," Elizabeth said with a smile, She produced a cake from somewhere under the table. "We thought we'd take a moment or two to celebrate."

"Cool," Aiden replied, relaxing a bit. He smiled back at the assembly as Rodney gestured him forward. But Aiden continued to cast his eyes around the room, frowning slightly when he realized that John wasn't among the crowd.

"Lieutenant, I believe you have a duty to perform," Rodney said.

"Uh, yeah," he said, leaning forward to blow out the candles. "By the way, I'm not twenty," he said as he did a quick count.

"That's all the candles we had on hand," someone explained. Aiden nodded. He puckered up and leaned forward again, when Teyla grabbed his arm.

"I believe tradition calls for you to make a wish."

"Yeah," Aiden said dully. He closed his eyes for a second, leaned in for a third time and blew out the candles in one breath. Dr. Johnson came forward and cut the cake, which had been baked by one of the talented Athosians. She handed Aiden the first slice. Rodney claimed the next and he made a brief apology before beating a hasty retreat back to his lab.

Aiden ate his cake without tasting it, accepted the congratulations and good wishes of his friends and colleagues, and made his own escape as soon as courtesy allowed. He returned to his room, tearing off his hat and jacket in the hall and throwing them at his bed as soon as the doors opened.

"Hey!" John said as he was pelted with the clothing. "What did you do that for?"

"Oh, sorry, sir," Aiden sputtered. "I didn't know you were--why are you in my room, sir?"

"We're off duty, Aiden," John reminded him. "And I believe you just made a birthday wish."

"...And?" Aiden squinted. John smugly opened his arms in a welcoming gesture and Aiden blanched. "What, you think I wished for you?"

"You mean you didn't?"

"Well, I--. No. I mean--well, I did wish for--. No."

"No?" John asked, rising from where he'd been stretched out on Aiden's bed. He encroached on Aiden's personal space. "No?"

"Yes," Aiden confessed when John was so close he could feel his breath on his face.

"You seemed to be a little pissed when you came in," John said. "If this is how you get when someone messes up your hospital corners, I'm out of here. I had plans to do a lot more than wrinkle your sheets."

John watched Aiden's pupils dilate as the younger man swallowed hard. He smiled slowly and closed the remaining distance. Aiden slowly licked his lips a second before he leaned in to taste them.

"Mm, I never get tired of that flavor," John said as he pulled Aiden closer, bringing their two bodies together. He tried for another kiss, but Aiden resisted, holding him at bay with a palm.

"Does this mean--?"

John slowly removed the hand that stood between him and his goal.

"This means the flirtation is over. The seduction has officially begun."

"The seduction began months ago, John," Aiden said with a roll of his eyes as he allowed John to pull his hips forward. John buried his face in Aiden's throat and found his sweet spot. "You just refused to admit it," he said breathlessly.

"So I was in denial," John said as he continued to nuzzle Aiden's throat. "I'm on the right page now, right?" He lightly nipped Aiden's throat and let a hand wander under his shirt. Aiden's response was a breathy moan. "You know," John whispered huskily, "if you don't like the idea of me mussing up your bed..."

Aiden's eyes flew open and his expression was almost comical.

"You are such a fucking tease, John," he said, pushing John away.

"What?" John said innocently, not letting him get away. He held Aiden close and slid down his body to his knees. "I was only going to suggest that I might be able to rock your world right here." He smiled up at Aiden and reached for his belt.

"Oh," Aiden managed as he watched John set to work. He pulled off his shirt and dropped it to the floor, his eyes riveted to the sight of his erection disappearing and emerging again from John's mouth. It soon became too much for him and he threw his head back, shutting his eyes and just reveling in the sensation. He lost track of time and when he became aware again--all the clichés about time standing still playing in his head--he opened his eyes and saw the ceiling. He was flat on his back on his bed and John was standing over him.

"You know, you're a lot heavier than you look," he said conversationally as he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He climbed over Aiden and settled. "Still incoherent, eh? Damn I'm good."

Aiden smiled.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you--."

Aiden put his hand over John's mouth.

"You can mess my sheets all you want. Just don't sing."

John laughed and proceeded to make a complete mess of the bed--and Aiden--for the next several hours.

The End
Tags: aiden ford, birthday wish, ford/sheppard, john sheppard, stargate: atlantis

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