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FIC: On the Prowl

Title: On the Prowl
Author: Jalabert
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Ford/Other
Category: First time
Summary: Aiden was, in Ben's estimation, beautiful; long-legged, slim, honey-skinned and sensuous of mouth. The uniform he wore didn't deter Ben one bit.

Author's Note: Here's another little treat for hsapiens, featuring Aiden and her favorite OMC, an ursine feral created for a story I wrote in the Mutant X fandom. You needn't know that to enjoy this story, but if you do, you might see a bit of his true nature as you read. ;)

Ben was not a man given to looking for sex, but it had been a while. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to erase memories of his most recent entanglement. It had ended badly and he didn't want thoughts of his last relationship clouding his judgment tonight.

"No blonds," he growled.

Ben pushed his shades into place. He thought that wearing them at night seemed a little pretentious, but he had a legitimate reason. Better not to scare away a potential partner. He zipped up his black leather jacket and headed for his favorite club.

He never made it there. He spotted someone about two blocks from his loft. The man was, in Ben's estimation, beautiful--long-legged, slim, honey-skinned and sensuous of mouth. The uniform he wore didn't deter Ben one bit. Ben crossed the street to where the young man was seated in the window of a small café.

He ignored the hostess's offer of a table on the opposite end of the restaurant and strode over to the table next to his target. The other man was nearly finished with his meal, but Ben didn't need a lot of time. He smiled when the man looked up and received a curt nod in return. A waitress came over and handed Ben a menu, practically spilling her cleavage into his lap in an effort to catch his eye. Ben sighed and shook his head as she walked away, swaying her hips.

"If she did that on the other side of this window she could be arrested for soliciting," the young Marine deadpanned. The voice was deep, slightly husky and nonchalantly seductive. Ben turned to look at his neighbor.

"That was a little over the top," he agreed.

"Not to mention the fact that it was a complete waste of time." The Marine smiled wryly, his eyes on his plate. Ben sniffed the air and felt a stirring in his loins.

"Maybe she has no gaydar," he assayed, watching the man for a reaction. There was none; Ben was intrigued. "Are you stationed here in the Springs or just passing through?" he asked casually as the waitress reappeared with his beer. Ben smiled politely as she began to run through the specials. "I'll have whatever he's having," he interrupted, mainly to shut her up and make her leave. "I hope it's good," Ben added as the waitress retreated once again. The other man looked up.

"Yeah, it's the meatloaf special," he replied. "As for your question, just passing through, I'm afraid. I'm being posted to McMurdo."

"Isn't that in--?"

"Antarctica, yes."

"Who'd you piss off?" Ben laughed. His companion smiled and Ben felt another flutter of arousal.

"It's not like that. I can't really talk about it, but suffice to say it's not a punishment."

"Well, I'm sorry you can't talk about it. I think I could listen to you talk all night," Ben replied, leaning forward and removing his shades. He allowed a flicker of interest to show. His companion also leaned forward.

"Truth be told, I'm not interested in talking all night," he said deliberately. Ben took the hint and rose to join the other man at his table.

"My name's Ben," he said as he sat down.

"Aiden," was the terse reply.

"How long before you leave for McMurdo?"

"Twenty-four hours."

"Just my luck," Ben pouted.

"A man can accomplish a hell of a lot in twenty-fours if he's sufficiently motivated." Aiden pushed his plate away and wiped his mouth, his eyes never wavering from Ben's.

"How about two men?"

"Double the motivation. I don't have to report till 1200 hours tomorrow, but that leaves me about sixteen hours to play," was the reply. Ben reached for his wallet, as did Aiden.

"I've got it," Ben said, rising. He tossed a few bills on the table. "Let's not waste a moment." They left the restaurant and crossed the street. "My place is a few blocks from here. I don't usually--."

"You don't usually take strangers to your place," Aiden said in a tone of disbelief.

"I don't usually pick up strangers," Ben said, stopping to look him in the eye. Aiden nodded solemnly. Ben turned and continued to walk, stuffing his hands into his pockets to keep himself from inappropriately touching the Marine in public.

"So how do I rate?" Aiden asked after a minute or two.

"Come upstairs and I'll show you," Ben said, gesturing toward his building.

Aiden followed him into the old brick front industrial building and up the two flights of stairs. Ben stood back to allow him to enter the loft first and Aiden took in the surroundings. He flinched a little when he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders.

"Let me take that," Ben said softly, divesting Aiden of his jacket. Without the outerwear, Ben could better appreciate Aiden's slim but well-sculpted physique. He was tempted to dive right in but he told himself that a man's last night in civilization should be something more than a clumsy grope and grind. No, he would take his time making love to Aiden, giving him a night they'd both remember. He blinked and noticed that Aiden was smiling at him.

"What's going on in your head, man?" he asked amusedly.

"I'm just trying to figure out where to start," Ben replied, closing the closet door and joining Aiden in the living area.

"Start here," Aiden replied as Ben drew closer.

"That was my plan," Ben said when they were practically chest to chest.

"Good plan."

"I was thinking nice and slow," Ben said, the tips of his fingers tingling with the urge to reach up and touch. Aiden shook his head. "We've got all night," Ben reasoned, but Aiden shook his head again.

"We've got enough time to try a lot of things. I vote for quick and dirty first," Aiden said reaching out and lightly running his hand over Ben's chest. "Take the edge off. We can get to nice and slow later."

Ben was not a man to argue with a good idea, especially when Aiden let his hand slide up to his shoulder and then into his hair. Ben liked that; had Aiden simply gone for his groin, Ben would have been disappointed. Not so disappointed that it would have precluded him from enjoying the sex, of course. But Ben preferred relationship sex to sex with strangers and Aiden's gesture was one of intimacy. They'd both allow themselves to pretend--for a little while, at least--that they had more time, that they could be something more to each other than two strangers with a shared need for company. Ben closed his eyes and enjoyed the caress. Fingers teased at the back of his neck while another hand smoothed a path across his chest. It made its way to his waist and he was pulled closer as Aiden brought their mouths together for a kiss. Ben growled when he pulled away.

"Damn, that's hot," Aiden said, stepping back to pull off his tee. He'd barely gotten it over his head before Ben growled again and pulled him back. Aiden laughed when Ben bit his carotid and held it a moment. Pain spiked his lust and Aiden groaned low in his throat when Ben began to lick the spot. Aiden let his head drop back and just held on, letting Ben have his way. Free to explore, Ben lowered his head to lick Aiden's chest, his arousal inflamed by the involuntary squirms and sounds of the man in his arms. He reluctantly pulled away, his feral eyes flaring briefly as he reached for Aiden's face and plundered his mouth.

Aiden's hands began to dig under Ben's shirt, alternately grabbing and skimming the well-muscled chest beneath the denim. Frustrated by his lack of access he tugged at the shirt, popping buttons as he pushed it back over Ben's shoulders. Ben pulled away only long enough to tear off the shirt. He grabbed Aiden again, and pushed him toward the bed at the back of the cavernous space. When they reached the bed, Ben pushed Aiden down and pounced on him. He pinned Aiden to the mattress and slowly licked his nipples to stiff peaks before slowly trailing his tongue along each rib. Aiden's panting incited him further and Ben freed one hand to undo Aiden's pants. He reluctantly paused to remove Aiden's boots and socks before he pulled the pants and boxers off. He shed his own clothing and sat at the foot of the bed. Aiden sat up and reached for him, but Ben growled and easily pushed him back down with one hand.

"Quick and dirty, remember?" Aiden challenged. Ben returned a feral smile and crawled over to Aiden. He straddled his hips and nuzzled his chest. Aiden impatiently pushed his head lower and Ben scooted back a bit so he could nuzzle Aiden's groin. "We have got to compare dictionaries if you think this is--."

Ben swallowed Aiden's erection and he lost all powers of speech and thought. Aiden came so forcefully he would have been embarrassed had he been conscious. When he came to his senses Ben had his legs thrown over his shoulders and was noisily licking at his opening. Aiden groaned loudly and Ben looked up. He smiled slowly as he moved back. Aiden only had a few seconds to register that he was anointing himself with lube before Ben entered him. Aiden howled so loudly that he was certain that the walls shook with the echo.

It was too pleasurable to be called pain, too painful to be called pleasure. Aiden found it overwhelming in every sense of the word and he couldn't get enough of it. He matched Ben thrust for thrust and it just got better and better. Ben reveled in his lover's enthusiasm. He lifted Aiden's hips and pushed in deeper, moving faster and faster and abandoning any semblance of a tempo in a furious rush to the finish line. Not unexpectedly, Aiden beat him to it, dragging him over the edge as he went. They collapsed in a tangle of legs, panting and sated and too exhausted to move for some time. Aiden was the first to revive. He sat up and started when a warm hand touched his back.

"The bathroom's over there," Ben said softly.

"Cool," Aiden said hoarsely. He slipped out of bed and padded across the floor. Ben watched him go, smiling at the slight hitch in his walk. He gave Aiden a few minutes to take care of business before climbing out of bed and joining him in the bathroom. Aiden was staring at his reflection in the mirror.

"Is that going to be a problem?" Ben asked when he saw the distinct outline of a bite on Aiden's throat.

"It shouldn't be," Aiden replied. "But just in case... You think anyone would believe that's from a dog?" he said lightly.

"A dog with excellent taste in men," Ben replied, coming up behind Aiden and wrapping his arms around his waist. "You guys wear turtlenecks in Antarctica, don't you?"

"Yeah, but I'll leave the Springs tomorrow in a tee shirt," Aiden said. He smiled and shrugged. "All the men shipping out tomorrow are out kicking up their heels tonight. I'm sure I won't be the only one returning with battle scars. In all likelihood no one will even notice mine."

"What's your rank, marine?" Ben asked, letting his hands wander over Aiden's torso and observing the difference between the colors of their skin.

"Lieutenant," Aiden replied with a slight shiver as Ben bent his head to place feathery kisses along his shoulder.

"My first officer," he teased. Aiden turned his head to look at him. Ben winked. "All right, my first marine. I've never taken an interest in a jarhead before."

"I'm not a--."

Ben silenced his protest with a surprisingly passionate kiss.

"I know," was all he said before he led Aiden into the shower. Before they'd finished washing off the evidence of their first encounter, their second had begun. Aiden took his turn at exploring Ben's body, briefly taking him into his mouth before Ben practically dragged him back to bed to finish as they'd done before.

Sometime later, Ben let Aiden top and they fell asleep just a few hours before dawn crept over the horizon. But Aiden awoke promptly at 0600, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Ben awoke grumpily but seized the opportunity to make love to Aiden one last time. When they'd cleaned up, Ben went into the kitchen in search of something to eat.

"Maybe I should have stayed for the meat loaf last night," he said as he dug around in the refrigerator for the makings of an omelet.

"I could eat a bear," Aiden agreed. Ben shot him a wry look and shook his head. "Here, let me." He took the eggs and other items Ben pulled out of the fridge. "I got pretty good at this at one point in my youth," he explained.

"McDonalds?" Ben guessed.

"Nah; I actually did a stint in food service while I was in the ROTC. We used to make breakfast for 470 people," Aiden declared proudly.

"I don't think I've got enough eggs for that," Ben said with a wink. Aiden smiled and expertly prepared a ham and cheese omelet, which he presented to Ben with a flourish. "Hot as hell, great in bed and you can cook, too," he said. "You're a man of many talents."

"You don't know the half of it," Aiden said. "But I--."

"...Can't talk about it; gotcha. Lucky for me, I know about your one talent that interests me most at the moment."

"Actually, you don't know the half of that, either," Aiden replied suggestively. "Eat up."

Ben did just that, eagerly anticipating dessert. He and Aiden talked about a number of things over breakfast and made out in the shower before reluctantly getting dressed.

"How will you get to your base? Can I give you a lift, or would that be unwise?"

"It'd be fine," Aiden said. Ben grabbed his keys and led the way down to his car. They made light conversation for a bit, but most of the trip took place in silence. Ben stopped the car a short distance from the gate.

"How long will you be in McMurdo?"

"It's a month-long rotation," Aiden replied. "Unless something goes terribly awry I should be back in four weeks." Ben brightened.

"I'd like to volunteer to throw you a welcome home party," he said.

"I'll look forward to it," Aiden said. They didn't dare kiss, but Aiden reached out and took hold of his hand. Ben pressed a card into it.

"Call me if you get bored."

"You should be hearing from me really soon, then," Aiden laughed. "But you don't have to--."

"Call me," Ben said firmly. Aiden looked him in the eye and nodded. He got out of the car before he did something he'd regret. Bending to look through the window, he smiled at Ben.

"About that party..."


"You do the cooking next time."

"You're on."

Ben watched Aiden approach the gate and sign in. He turned and waved before disappearing into the military complex. Ben sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. Then he smiled and turned the car around, ideas for their reunion playing in his head.

The End
Tags: ford/other, on the prowl

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